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Cappuccino Indulgence

Chocolate Brownie base with milk chocolate ganache, topped with a coffee and chocolate ChantillyGl..


Caramel & Apricot Cheesecake

Sweet pastry case filled with vanilla cream, fresh raspberries and poached Yorkshire rhubarb..


Coconut, Pineapple and Almond Meringue

Coconut cream and pineapple jelly sandwiched between two layers of almond meringue..


Crispy Hazelnut & Coffee Squares

Delicious hazelnut praline mixed with crispy, fine flaked biscuit and coffee, coated in a smooth sup..


Custard Tart slice

Crispy sweet pastry case, baked until golden filled with a rich egg custard sprinkled with grated nu..


Frangipane Slice

A slice of our ever popular frangipane.  Sweet all butter pastry case topped with a layer of ra..


Lemon Meringue Eclair

Choux pastry filled with a light lemon cream topped with lemon fondant and meringue pieces No..


Parisien Macaroons

Passion Fruit and Lime (green) Orange and Cranberry (red) Salted Caramel (pale yellow brown) Bail..


Praline Torte with Mint & Lime

A crispy praline base topped with layers of chocolate ganache and chocolate sponge with mint and l..


Raspberry and Rhubarb Tart

Sweet pastry case filled with vanilla cream, fresh raspberries and poached Yorkshire rhubarbStore i..


Robineau Gateau Slice

Our famed chocolate gateau using layers of chocolate sponge and dark chocolate ganache is quite simp..


Sea Salted Caramel Squares

Sea salted caramel square with Acorn Dairy fresh double cream, dipped in milk chocolate and sprinkle..


Vanilla Eclair

In the counter since the day we opened Robineau patisserie, our vanilla eclairs have remained a favo..


Victoria Sponge Slice

A slice of our homemade fresh vanilla sponge layered with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam...

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